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5 Things To Do After Purchasing Insurance

What do you do when you receive your copy of an insurance policy? Maybe you file it away for safe keeping, or maybe you toss it not realizing what it contains and how it may affect you.

You may think once you've signed paperwork and receive your policy that your work is done. This is not the case. We strongly recommend that you look through your policy to help protect yourself and understand the documents.

Here are a few things we recommend doing after buying any insurance policy:

  1. Review the Declarations Page (first page or so of the policy) for any errors in your name, address, or contact information.

  2. Review the coverage, deductibles, and limits listed.

  3. The key components of every policy are: declarations, conditions, definitions, and exclusions. Understand that each policy has conditions that must be met, definitions for clarification of terms, and exclusions. If you think you may have an exposure that's excluded in your policy, review your policy's exclusion pages and/or ask your agent.

  4. Contact your agent about any changes necessary and ask any questions you may have! That's what we are here for - we want to help you understand your policy.

  5. Lastly, store your policy in a safe place.

Take the time to read through your policy - you never know what you may learn.

As always, we're here to assist with any questions that may arise.

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