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Insurance for NY Cleaning Businesses

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Accidents happen - that's why you carry car insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance. What about for your cleaning business? Multiple scenarios may happen that can damage your business if you don't have insurance. For instance, an employee may spill cleaner on an expensive couch and ruin it. You may be dusting and break an antique. You could be driving to a client's home and get rear ended. These are just some situations that you hope never happen, but may.

If you aren't carrying the right kind of insurance, you could be responsible for paying for medical or property damage accidents out of pocket. Read on to see what policies may help cover your business.

Types of Insurance for Your Cleaning Business:

  1. Car Insurance: If you're driving your own vehicle, make sure to contact your agent to see if you'll be covered traveling to/from clients homes. A commercial auto policy would be most beneficial if you have company cars and employees driving.

  2. General Liability: While cleaning multiple homes a day, you and your staff will be in contact with many different environments and valuables. Misusing a cleaner or material and damaging client's property is a possibility. Being properly insured to pay the cost to correct damage to your clients property will help establish credibility.

  3. Workers' Compensation: You want to take care of your employees. If something should happen, Workers' Compensation can help cover the cost of employee injuries per policy terms.

  4. Bonding: Having a Bond as a cleaning service will help cover any thefts up to the amount of the bond that may occur.

As an independent agent, we quote with several different insurance companies to get the best price and coverage for your needs.

Let's make sure your business is properly covered. Give us a call - 845-255-7806

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