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Understanding NY Split Liability Limits

Liability coverage protects the insured against loss arising from legal liability when a car that the insured owns or operates is involved in an accident.

There are two types of liability limits: split and combined single. Today we’ll take a look at split limits. Split limit coverage uses 3 dollar amounts.

In the event of an auto accident, these limits specify the maximum amount the policy will pay for:

  • bodily injury for each person involved;

  • bodily injury for the entire accident; and

  • property damage

NY state minimum auto limits are $25,000/$50,000/$10,000. Let’s say you have state minimum limits and are driving while distracted on your phone. You hit another car and their damage totals $35,000. Your insurance will only pay up to $10,000 for their property damage. That leaves you with $25,000 that you’re responsible for. How will you finance that? All it takes is one accident to lead to a lifetime of debt.

We strongly encourage higher liability limits than minimum for your protection and future.

Contact us if you want to go over your coverage, discuss options or have any other questions.


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